What is UVC Disinfection?

Our disinfection lighting products are versatile, high-quality, affordable and reliable.

Our U10 and U12 lamps offer powerful UVC disinfection capabilities to suit a wide range of uses. Built-in safety systems, high production quality and a 1-year warranty make these products the ideal solution for your workplace.

Disinfection on Demand

These easy-to-use UVC lamps provide instantaneous disinfection whenever it’s required. No preparation or equipment is needed; simply turn on the lamp to begin disinfecting.

High-Quality Construction

All our UVC disinfection lamps are built to a high standard and come with 1 year warranties. Service life of each lamp is estimated at 9000 hours.

Remote Control Operation

Our UVC lights are supplied with infrared remotes, allowing users to manually activate or deactivate the lights from a safe distance.

Powerful Safety Sensors

3D sensors detect motion nearby, and the lamp deactivates before users are exposed to UVC radiation. Variable hold times allow control over when the light reactivates, and a 20-second warning ensures users are not accidentally exposed to UVC radiation.

Fully Laboratory-Tested

Our UVC disinfection lamps go through rigorous lab testing to ensure they’re effective and safe to use. UVC radiation is tightly focused in the highly-effective 254nm band, and diffusion is kept to a minimum to prevent unwanted exposure.

Internationally Certified

U10 and U12 are fully certified for use in the EU and USA. In addition, both U10 and U12 lamps can be supplied for either 85-135V or 200-305V.

Range of Power options

UVC disinfection lamps are available in a variety of power levels, providing effective coverage for different surface areas.

Range of Applications

These disinfection lamps are ideal for a wide range of purposes, from treatment rooms and medical usage to retail, office and industrial applications.

Trusted Manufacturer

We produce high-quality lighting equipment for commercial clients. We’re a trusted contractor for many major businesses, who rely on us to deliver top-quality lights for their premises.

Affordable Pricing

We combine excellent quality with competitive pricing. Both U10 and U12 lamps are available at very affordable rates.

To find out more about our UVC disinfection lamps, or to place an order, please contact us today.