The Right Lights For Your Workplace

At WHI Safeguard we supply industry with high-quality innovative situation lighting solutions. Our lamps make workplaces safer and more productive, and combine high quality with excellent prices.

LED String Light
Cone Safety Lamp

Smart and effective lighting products

All of our lamps are designed with your existing equipment in mind, and retrofit to a wide variety of industry-standard products. We offer a huge range of mounting options, including free-standing, ceiling-mounted and eyebolt methods. This lets you easily integrate our world-leading situation lighting into your workplace.

Superior Visibility

High powered & efficient LED lighting technology, WHI Safeguard products are designed to provide best in class visibility.

Intelligent Design

UK designed and developed, WHI Safeguard products are robust, intuitive and designed to improve the current provision of LED lighting.


All of our products retrofit to existing equipment, so there is no additional cost to achieve the latest advanced LED safety lighting solutions.

Long Lasting

Our safety lamps use low power LED technology.

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