Top 7 Safety Equipment Saviours

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Whether you operate in scaffolding, roofing, electrics or metal fabrication, ensuring a high standard of safety across the worksite is crucial. While training and attention to detail are incredibly important there are also a handful of safety equipment saviours that you can use to help ensure that your site stays safe and compliant. Below are our top seven picks.

Hard hats:

Falling debris can be fatal which means it’s essential to ensure that all employees wear a construction site standard hard hat. This is particularly critical for workers operating in scaffolding or multi-level build sites.

Eye goggles:

The eyes are an incredibly sensitive organ and without adequate protection they can be easily damaged. Common culprits include stray sparks, excess dust and falling debris. Issuing employees with safety goggles is a must.

Ear muffs:

For sites using loud and high vibration equipment ear muffs are an everyday essential. Loud noises can damage the ear drums and leave workers with serious hearing issues and internal damage. You can also reduce the risk of ear injuries by using low vibration equipment with noise muffling technology and longer trigger tools.

WHI Safeguard LED lighting:

Maintaining high visibility is one of the easiest and most effective ways to minimise the risk of on-site accidents and injuries. WHI Safeguard retails a premium range of LED safety lights designed to illuminate sites and ensure workers can see what they’re doing at all times. Thanks to their low energy consumption and lifespan of up to 6 months they’re also a cost effective and eco-friendly choice for any construction site.

Steel cap boots:

 When working with heavy materials steel cap boots are a construction site essential. Not only do they protect the feet from dropped objects but they also minimise the impact of falling debris.

Protective gloves:

On sites handling corrosive or toxic materials, protective gloves are a fundamental safety essential. They can also help to lessen the severity of falling debris or machinery accidents.

High visibility vest:

Ensuring that workers are 100% visible at all times is another simple yet effective step that site managers can take to minimise on-site risks. High visibility safety vests are lightweight, inexpensive and can be worn over every day work clothing.

These seven items of equipment require minimal investment yet are guaranteed to instantly boost the safety credentials of any construction site.