UV-C Disinfection


The Problem

Your health depends on your surroundings. If you live and work in clean, infection-free environments, then you’re protected from exposure to viruses, germs and other pathogens. This is particularly important for vulnerable people, such as hospital patients and those with underlying health conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection is an essential part of our defence against the virus.

Combating coronavirus requires the right set of weapons, and UV-C disinfection is an essential part of our armoury. It helps to neutralise viruses and other pathogens before they can enter our bodies.


The Science

UV-C radiation is short-wave ultraviolet light. Since it was discovered in 1878, it has been widely used as a disinfectant tool in hospitals, aircraft, and even water sanitation. It’s a natural part of sunlight, but gets filtered out by our atmosphere. This is a good thing, because UV-C breaks down the RNA and DNA in living cells, destroying their ability to reproduce. This can be harmful to humans, but it also makes an effective weapon against pathogens. With targeted UV-C disinfection lamps it’s possible to safely use this radiation as a tool to protect against viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.


The Solution

Our UV-C disinfection lamps provide a cost-effective and reliable way to control pathogens. Targeted UV-C radiation quickly disinfects surfaces, PPE, and other inorganic objects. The high-quality UV-C lights that we provide are perfect for purifying water, air and surfaces in residential and commercial facilities.


Using UV-C Lamps Safely

UV-C radiation damages all living cells, including human ones. It should only be used by trained personnel, and is always operated at your own risk. Although UV-C radiation is effective at reducing the spread of pathogens, it does not guarantee that a surface will be pathogen-free.


Disposing of UV-C Lamps

These lamps must be disposed of safely, since they contain harmful chemicals. Contact your commercial waste disposal provider, or your premises waste handler, for details on how to dispose of UV-C lamps safely and securely.