Energy efficiency is high on the agenda of many businesses, especially in the construction industry. This growing appreciation for ‘green’ building practices is sweeping the globe, with more and more contractors beginning to realise the environmental and financial benefits of eco-friendly operations. If you want to up the environmental credentials of your business read on for our top tips on how to make your enterprise more energy efficient.

Use LED lights wherever possible

According to the latest statistics from Constructing Excellence the construction and maintenance of buildings contributes to 50% of total UK carbon dioxide emissions. Lights are a construction site essential yet they can chew up a huge amount of electricity. If you want to slash utility bills and cut CO2 emissions making the switch to LED lights is a savvy move. Products such as WHI Safeguard’s LED lighting solutions offer superior visibility, low energy consumption and a huge 4000 hours worth of longevity.


 The latest figures from the Environment Agency revealed that the UK construction industry is responsible for a huge 32% of all landfill waste accumulated across the nation. Furthermore waste management and disposal costs the industry around 30% of its pre-tax profits. Implementing a waste management plan, setting performance targets, considering recycling and monitoring compliance are all effective ways to minimise site wastage, reduce energy consumption and save cash.

Choose materials with eco-friendly origins

 If you want to really boost the energy efficient credentials of your business why not consider switching to eco-friendly materials that have minimal environmental impact. Whether you work with plaster, concrete, scaffolding, insulation or metal there are sure to be ‘greener’ choices available. And while they may cost a little more the latest statistics from leading global insight provider Nielsen indicate that one in four UK consumers is willing to pay more for an environmentally-friendly product or service.

Optimise lifespan of equipment

 Construction businesses rely on a myriad of equipment and while it can be tempting to settle for cheaper items investing in quality products is a far more energy efficient choice. You’ll essentially be eliminating the need to replace them down the track which reduces the demand for materials as well as saves you cash.

These steps may be simple but they are guaranteed to instantly boost the energy efficiency of your construction business.